Ohio Countdown 2004

2004 Presidential battleground analyzed by a grizzled campaign veteran and Ohio's Top Targeted Undecided Perfectly Predictive Swing Voter - His Mom.


Ohio Still Close, GW Dividing Again

The margin as of 8 a.m. is about 135,000 votes. There are about that many provisional ballots outstanding, some counties provisionals not reported, plus overseas abentees.

O.K.....I'm gonna take a deep breath. Here goes.

Yet again, we await some leadership from George W. Bush. If he were a leader, he would make a statement that he plans to wait to see what the certification in Ohio will be, that he asks Senator Kerry to do the same. That would unite the country.

Instead, I fully expect that he will arrogantly declare victory, tell Kerry to concede, and tell everyone to stop counting votes.

So much for being a uniter, not a divider. What a missed opportunity.


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