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First Step - Raze ODP

Before yesterday, the Ohio Democratic Party (ODP) was a pathetic joke. We never thought it could get worse. It got worse.

Not only is Ohio responsible for Kerry's loss, as apocalyptic as that may be. Our US Senate candidate received 36% of the vote. We lost every challenge to Republicans in Congress. We lost every state judicial race, including all Ohio Supreme Court races.

The presidency hinges on Ohio, and will continue to do so. Every Democrat in the country has a duty to raise the call, loud and clear. Raze ODP, and start from scratch.


At 11:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ditto for the absolutely worthless Cuyahoga County party.


At 10:04 PM, Blogger Michael said...


I really disagree with you on this election (I voted Bush), but enthusiastically agree with you that the ODP needs serious changes, though perhaps not for the same reasons you do.

There just weren't many good Democratic candidates this year, particularly in Ohio. Fingerhut? He wasn't a great candidate to begin with and his campaign was horrible. Capri Cafaro? Where do these people come from? And I might add that Kucinich, who did well but maybe not as well as expected, is becoming an embarassment to much of the Cleveland suburbs. It's past due for some serious changes.

IMO, Democrats need to focus on results. Frankly, it's too easy for the standard Democratic line to be proven wrong on many major, major issues. Social Security, health care, and education are the most obvious -- the generic Democratic postion on this stuff hasn't changed in 20+ years and it's gotten nowhere. You couldn't run a grocery store the way Democrats try and sell these policies.

Thwere's a lot fo backbiting and complaining now about how Bush won on "morality." That's true, to a point, but it's going to be a huge mistake for the Democrats to try and compete this way, the same way that Democrats can't convince even 30% of the military to vote for them.

Instead we need to adress the real thing that is killing the Democratic party -- the overreliance on urban centers. To be more specific, the overreliance on the inner-core of urban centers, because that just does not represent the majority of America.

Maybe this is sacriledge to say, but too bad: the Democrats have yet to handle urban sprawl, and I don't mean in an aesthetic way. Think about it -- a huge, huge shift has occured in America in the last 30 years and only the Republican party seems to have seriously adapted both policy-wise and in the way it run campaigns. I realize it is near-tragic in manmy ways how American's cities are falling apart, but there is a valid reason for that -- a majority of America chooses not to live there. It's time the Democratic party accepts that fact. And in many, many ways the touted Republican focus on "morality" is merely the thing that resonates the most with people who live outside the city limits.

[[i should note I'm writing this off the top of my head to some extent. there are undoubtedly a lot of hole sto be poked in it. but at a fundamental level I think it's true. the American electorate ahs changed dramatically, and the Dem Party just hasn't seen it. When the Dems finally come back it will be on the shoulders of a Democrats from the suburbs. That's the only road back that I see.]]

At 10:06 PM, Blogger Doug Nagy said...

The question is, how do we go about fixing the ODP?

At 2:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not a Republican or Democrat. I didn't vote for Bush or Kerry; I chose third party. But after reading through your blog, and realizing you are one of the most obnoxious, close-minded liberals to walk the earth, I'm delighted Bush won . . . just so that you suffer. Wallow in it, Timmy.

At 4:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not yet, we should wait until they endorse the Republicans. At the rate they move that should be in a week or two.

How are they appointed anyway?


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