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Kerry Camp Lawyering Up For Possible Recount

The Kerry campaign in Ohio is building its database of volunteer lawyers for...you guessed it...electoral shenanigans on election day. Word is that an army of attorneys will be ready, motions for injunctions in hand, should the shit hit the fan here on November 2.

This isn't a new development...Republicans in Ohio have a history of playing dirty on election day. In 1992, way back when I was just a field pup on the Clinton Gore campaign, attorneys had to get court orders to keep Republican controlled precincts from closing their doors early while people waited in line to vote.

The main difference this year is obvious. Post Florida 2000, no preparation is being left out. And if Ohio is close, it has an automatic recount statute which triggers a statewide recount if the margin of victory is less than one half of one percentage point.

For a good run down on the recount law, check out this site from The Ohio State University School of Law. Feel free to groan, sigh, and be generally horrified by such a prospect.


At 4:20 PM, Blogger Doug Nagy said...

The recount wouldn't start for 10 business days after the election. We'd have to wait for all the provisionals/overseas ballots to come in. That's what happened with our school levy vote in August. As it turned out, the provisional ballots expanded the margin of passage beyond one half of one percent, so then we didn't have to have a recount. We have electronic machines anyway, so its not a big deal out here in lake county.


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