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New Ohio 527 Cash Cow - 2006 Preview?

Websites about Ohio's role in the 2004 presidential election are popping up like dandelions. Two that have caught my eye are MakeOhioBlue, and Bring Ohio Back.

Make Ohio Blue is the latest incarnation of the JerryForOhio.com website. Yes, that Jerry...Springer. Make Ohio Blue is essentially the Springer website and blog, re-tooled for 2004. Bring Ohio Back is a 527 organization enlisting celebrities to raise money for campaign ads in Ohio.

It gets interesting when you go to the About section of each site.

About Make Ohio Blue

Make Ohio Blue is sponsored by Jerry Springer and Jerry For Ohio.com. Jerry has worked tirelessly for the Democratic Party, and has contributed funds to the Democratic Party and its candidates for decades. He is determined to help revitalize the Democratic Party in Ohio.

About Bring Ohio Back

(after a paragrpah-and-a-half of spin)...Northeast Ohio-based professional strategists, with decades of success in this region, will direct these activities. We will use our first-hand knowledge and expertise to craft the right message for Ohioans, and develop the best tools to reach the public.

Hmmmm...."professional strategists", the "right" message. The Plain Dealer recently reported that Bring Ohio Back is a brain child of Burges & Burges, the Cleveland political consulting firm.

Where does the money go? The 527 (i.e., B&B) is raising money mainly for broadcast ads in Ohio, the PD story citing $1 million as the goal. The "professional strategists" will keep 15% of that for media buy commission, i.e. $150,000 to B&B's pocket. At Make Ohio Blue, if you donate, it doesn't go to Jerry Springer's campaign...it goes directly to the DNC.

More interestingly, the Bring Ohio Back site is already taking shots at Springer on the front page, linking to an article headlined "Re-Elect Bush And You Might Get Jerry Springer, Too." I'm guessing B&B has made a professionally strategic decision to work for one of Springer's likely primary opponents in 2006...I'm sure they'll have the "right" message then, too.


At 9:47 AM, Blogger Keats said...

Hey Grassy, nice job once again "connecting the dots" back to Burges & Burges. You've really got a knack for that.

At 9:08 AM, Blogger Doug Nagy said...

Are there really any other professionals on our side of the aisle in Cleveland? Everytime I hear about political strategists from Cleveland, Burges is always involved.

At 10:06 AM, Blogger bringohioback said...

Gee Tim, recently you thought Bring Ohio Back was a great idea - when you were asking us for a job.

Why the sudden change of heart? Could it have anything to do with our complete lack of interest in you? Just wondering.


Your friends at Burges & Burges

At 10:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

testy, testy....hey burges guys, why do you want to sign your name to Tim's blog, but not to your own 527? seems to me you'd want to be up front about it.

At 4:49 PM, Blogger Mike said...

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