Ohio Countdown 2004

2004 Presidential battleground analyzed by a grizzled campaign veteran and Ohio's Top Targeted Undecided Perfectly Predictive Swing Voter - His Mom.


Mom's Vote On The Block

The perfect predictor of Ohio voting patterns, undecided Ohio swing voter Mom Russo, caught a story on the news about Kerry and Bush holding events at the same hour in Davenport, Iowa. The story noted that the mayor of Davenport, a Republican, is still undecided.

The reporter said to the mayor, "You're one of the most prized commodities in the country right now." Always ready for opportunity, Mom responds, "So am I! I'll take a million bucks for my vote!"

She asked me to let the campaigns know she's available to the highest bidder, and can't understand why they haven't contacted her yet.

This is interesting...given all the effort both campaigns are putting into targeted swing state undecideds, my mother still can't identify any campaign ad or lit or mail piece that has reached her. Swing voters are maddening.


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