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A Moderate Blogger In The Wilderness

Been getting a little flak for taking shots at D's as well as R's. Interestingly, one of the big blogs on the block, mydd.com, commented on the lack of moderate blogs in the upper echelons of the blogosphere.

Chris Bowers writes, "Blogging appears to be following a pattern of other pundit-heavy media outlets (talk radio, newspaper columnists, TV political opinion shows). In all of these cases, partisanship sells while mixing your views or straddling the fence does not." Unfortunately, he's right.

Fellas...when you live in a state whose Democratic Party is as profoundly inept, for as long, with as much futility, as Ohio's, it becomes easy to be a moderate. It took a ranting and raving Howard Dean to remind us all that Democrats need to be called out when they are fucking up. In Ohio, Jerry Springer is the one coming to the rescue...need I say more?

It is our duty to identify and fix our party's problems. If we don't, be assured, the Republicans will fix them for us...by beating our asses over and over and over.


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