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Fingerhut Gets Out Them Walkin' Shoes

Ohio's Democratic US Senate candidate, State Senator Eric Fingerhut, is embarking on a tour of Ohio...on foot. Eric will walk from Cincinnati to Columbus to Cleveland. You can track his progress at www.walkohio.com.

Eric is a great candidate, good speaker, smart guy, certainly deserves to be Senator...but this little trick has an unpleasant history to it. Last guy to try it was Dennis Kucinich (yes, he of the quixotic presidential run), back in 1986 or thereabouts, running (or shall we say, walking) for governor. He stopped about a third of the way through, for various reasons, then dropped out of the race...after having ridicule heaped upon him.

Despite this sad legacy, it's always been a good idea. It might work to get Eric on the evening news, might even capitalize on any potential Kerry momentum, if Eric manages one thing...finish the walk. Eric...YOU MUST NOT STOP MID-HIKE. I don't care how many blisters you get on your feet, how many times your wife calls on the cell phone, you have got to finish the thing, or you will find yourself in the Kucinich universe of Democratic silliness and futility. In Ohio, that crowd is already big enough.

OOPS...forgot one thing. You know what, ditch the cell phone for the duration. Many unpleasant things will flow from pictures of you on the trail constantly pressing a phone to your ear (which will happen, if you have it with you).


At 11:08 PM, Blogger Anthony said...

He did it! This guy never stops. I'm proud to be a part of this campaign and a part of history!

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