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Bush Base Problem In Ohio Schedule

The PD has compiled a list of appearances and major rallies in Ohio by Kerry and Bush...you can see it online, but like much of what the PD does, the story as it appears online is pretty lame. In the "actions speak louder than words" category, the list tells quite a tale.

Bush indeed has a base problem in Ohio, at least according to his scheduler. Of the 48 stops listed for Bush, 24 of them, half, are in the Cincinnati area, Republican heartland, and another in Lima, also R heartland. Bush visited the key quarter moon area (see How To Win Ohio) 16 times, with 7 other visits split between Dayton & Columbus, key swing counties.

Of 34 total Kerry stops, Kerry visits the key quarter moon area 22 times, including 12 stops in Cleveland (the Democratic base), with 4 stops in Cincinnati, 4 in Columbus, and 4 in the Dayton area.


At 6:22 PM, Blogger oyster said...

Really clear, accessible analysis for non-Ohioans-- thank you! The "How to Win Ohio" link (I missed it the first time) is fascinating to politicos like me. Keep up the fine work!

At 9:58 PM, Blogger Tim Russo said...

Thanks for the encouragement


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