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Springer's Uphill Battle For Ohio Voters

Jerry Springer is doing a good job of branding this year's convention in Boston.  Last night,  Springer made his first broadcast from the floor for Cleveland's CBS affiliate Channel 19.  He was on stage at the Rock The Vote event last night near Fenway. 

Saturday night at a wine bar in Cleveland, I talked with a friend about Springer's prospects for governor in 2006.  She's a Kerry voter, not real tied in to politics, college educated, runs her own business.  She thinks Dennis Kucinich is an embarassment, was so-so on Bill Clinton...probably thinks of herself as an independent voter.

The very idea of Jerry Springer runnning for office makes her visibly cringe.  There's more than a little hypocrisy in such responses - people who dismiss a Springer candidacy out of hand because he "exploits" people with his TV show are also nightly voyeurs, tuning in to the most humiliating of the reality TV shows.  After pointing this out to my friend, she came around a bit...but only a bit.

Bottom line...she says she needs to see some "seriousness" out of Jerry Springer.  Not sure my friend will be watching Channel 19 this week, but note to Jerry...she might.


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