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Springer Dispatches Fall Flat

Been making a point to catch Jerry Springer's dispatches from the convention in Boston on Channel 19 here in Cleveland.  Needs work.

They keep hyping the coverage as "not the same old stuffy political coverage", or "we've got Jerry", etc.  The product, however, is so tame it might as well be Jim Lehrer reporting from the floor.  You get the feeling Jerry's being so careful with his first foray into the non-tranvestite-Nazi-on-set-brawl world that he's holding himself back.

Case in point - he interviewed Cleveland Mayor Jane Campbell this afternoon, which was hyped by the lead in as "you don't wanna miss this".  Take my advice...miss it.  It wasn't an interview so much as it was Springer schmoozing Jane for his future gubernatorial run.  He actually asked Jane, "So, you know Cleveland pretty well...will it go for Kerry?"  IS THIS FOR REAL!?!?! 

Some advice for Jerry...loosen up a bit.  You look tight, nervous, and like you've got an agenda.  Oh and another thing...you don't need to schmooze Jane Campbell...she won't be mayor when you run for governor anyway.


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