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Rally Security Optional?

At the Kerry-Edwards rally on Wednesday in Cleveland, everyone had to go through airport-like security...unless you showed up late.

At the last minute, just before the candidates began speaking, the huge line of people waiting to get in was simply waved through the bank of metal detectors and rushed in, the metal detectors going off like slot machines.

It appears that this eventuality was planned for. A pen had been laid out with barriers and was quickly filled with people pressing to the front for a better view.

None of these people were searched or screened. Most did not have a ticket. Most had a clear view of the podium, from a distance of about 30 yards.

I'm all for tight security at presidential rallies. But if you are going to have a multi-tiered ticketed event, with multiple banks of metal detectors, individual searches of attendees, even to the extent of not allowing umbrellas into the rally, then YOU HAD BETTER DO IT FOR ALL THE ATTENDEES.

Hundreds of unsearched, unscreened people were essentially allowed...no...encouraged, to breach security. In a post 9/11 world, this is simply not acceptable.


At 3:14 PM, Blogger Nan Whaley said...

Again, Tim I have looked over your "Ohio" Countdown Blog and think you should change its name. But I guess since you won't change your name or visit another city in Ohio, I will talk about something outside of Cleveland: the Dayton Rally.

The same thing happened in Dayton as in Cleveland and that was planned. We anticipated having to let security loose and so the tiered event had an area where secret service stood between those in the general area and had not been searched and the other areas. One of the problems we had with them letting security go so quickly that the closer areas had a bit of an empty spot. Also after you left the higher tiered areas you could not get back in--even with a ticket.

I would rather them secure the event the way it was planned than let the people not here the message ro see Kerryand Edwards after waiting in line for so long. The event was swarming with Secret service and the real issue we disagree on is you are in favor of giving up freedom for security. I thought that part of the event was well planned.

Again, please change the name of your blog or visit another city or farm in Ohio.


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