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Punditry From Boston Is REALLY Bad

Is it just me, or is the commentary from network analysts in Boston for the convention this year simply awful?  You can understand why these guys are so easily spun...they're morons.

In particular, I haven't seen a single discussion of any issues among the pundits.  They seem hard wired to discuss people's hair dos, the size of the stage, whether or not Ted Kennedy is embarrassing. 

Theresa Heinz Kerry had it right...they should all just take their commentary and shove it.


At 10:26 AM, Blogger Lori said...

I think my favorite from last night was when the commentators actually broadcast the stage manager's directions to the stage crew to bring the balloons down a little faster, then spent who knows how long focusing on the damn balloons, and what it might mean that they weren't coming down. And people ask me why I never watch TV news . . .


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