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Ohio Delegates All Over TV Coverage

Jerry Springer isn't the only Ohio Delegate getting major airtime this week in Boston.  The youngest delegate (at 17) happens to be from Ohio, happens to be cute as hell, and is plastered all over the 24 hour news cycle. 

My favorite, though, was a CSPAN fly on the wall documentary of an hour or so in Renee Lipson's life at the convention.  Renee is a delegate from Cuyahoga County, and CSPAN followed her around for a day.  The 73 year old dynamo kept those whipper snapper CSPAN camera guys hoppin', from women's caucus event to Emily's List, to Ohio Lunch, to the convention floor, bouncing all over town like a super star.  Renee, you made my day.

There's even a special cameo appearance by Madeline Pellish, Renee's roommate at the Boston Sheraton, and freelance reporter for the Cleveland Jewish News.  Always workin' it, baby.


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