Ohio Countdown 2004

2004 Presidential battleground analyzed by a grizzled campaign veteran and Ohio's Top Targeted Undecided Perfectly Predictive Swing Voter - His Mom.


Mom Hasn't Seen One Single Political Ad

My hyper-predictive Ohio focus group, i.e., my Mom, watches a lot of TV.  Typical middle America stuff.  News.  Weather.  Soaps.  (she tapes those)  Tribe games.  The occasional episode of 60 Minutes.  Wheel of Fortune.  Everybody Loves Raymond, Trading Spaces, Emeril....you know the drill.

In all this viewing, my Mom doesn't recall seeing a single political commercial since the primary season ended.  Not one.  The Cleveland, Ohio media market is flooded with political ads, and my Mom can't remember seeing any.

I was shocked, so I interrogated her.  She watched the 60 Minutes which aired the Bush abortion hit piece...doesn't remember seeing the abortion ad.  She watches the Today Show, perhaps the epicentre of all political advertising in Ohio, but has no recollection of any political advertising on the Today Show.

NEWSFLASH....The Ohio swing voter is TUNED OUT.

She does remember seeing "on one of those news shows in the morning" the satire animation by Jib Jab Films, a parody of Woodie Guthrie's This Land.  (which is hysterical, you should view it). 

By the way...she's still undecided.

Lesson for campaigns?  You are certainly targeting my Mom with these ads.  In fact, you may even think you are reaching her.  You ain't.  You need to reach these people in some way other than TV.  Get creative.  Funny seems to work.


At 11:49 AM, Blogger ladygoat said...

I've only seen a few ads, maybe two or three. Since Ohio is a swing state, I thought maybe they just weren't showing the ads in my area, Cleveland, because they're focusing the ads elsewhere in the state. I thought maybe they're writing off Cleveland as more likely to go Democrat, but that's just a guess.


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