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Cheney's New Middle Name!

I'm stealing one from Dan Savage. You may recall, when Rick Santorum went way overboard with homophobic idiocy, sex columnist Dan Savage decided to create a new and appropriate definition to fit the senator's distinctive last name, in an attempt to immortalize Santorum in homosexual lore. Check out the result at Spreading Santorum.; the campaign was so successful, that website is now the first hit when you do a Google search on Santorum.

In that spirit, my new name for the vice president, reflecting his tact, diplomatic skills, and overall value as a human being, is Dick Fuck Cheney. Nice ring to it, eh?

Try it out...works best if you are in, say, the halls of Congress, one of those corridors in the Cannon office building with lots of echo and reverb, emphasis on the middle name...


At 8:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

See you forgot about John's new middle name: John Fuckin' Kerry. Maybe it shoud be changed to: John "the Fuck head" Kerry


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