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Can't Get One Past The PD

The Plain Dealer's coverage of the Kerry-Edwards rally defaulted to low rent cynicism over the planning of the event. Diane Solov, displaying Sherlock Holmes-like insight, called it an "orchestration of electoral grandeur, designed to the last detail..."

Ms. Solov clearly has spent many years honing a blood hound instinct for news, uncovering that "getting the right play on the evening news was the campaign's grand plan..."


The real news is how something the size of this event is able to even come off at all. The ticket was announced 24 hours before the rally. The security for a presidential rally in a post 9/11 world was tighter than an airport. Anyone who's ever been involved in planning such an event knows this rally was no small task.

The Kerry campaign takes a lot of heat in Ohio (including from this blog), but this event was as good as it gets. Instead of informing readers certain to be curious how such a feat can be pulled off on 24 hours notice, the PD knee jerks into cliche. Nice touch, guys.


At 2:25 AM, Blogger Doug Nagy said...

Did you see Channel 19's coverage of the rally? They are a poor excuse for journalism. They portrayed the rally as a failure because ONLY 12,000 people showed up. They said the planners predicted that 15-20 thousand would show up.

The planners did not make an estimate. I was a volunteer at the event and they kept repeating that they had no idea how many people would show up and refused to make an estimate. The only person I heard drop the 15-20 thousand number was Sherrod Brown.

Ugh! I hate "Action News!"


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