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Bush Wasting Time At Fundraiser in Kirtland

The internet has changed political fundraising so dramatically, it now seems quaint to hear about a major presidential candidate holding a big dollar fundraising dinner.  GW Bush is still spending a lot of time doing just that.

His visits to Ohio have almost always included a many-thousands per plate closed dinner at a fat cat's house...like today in Kirtland Hills at Eddie Crawford's house.

D's certainly do this too, but it may be a dying breed of fundraising.  I haven't seen the figures lately, but the rate at which Kerry is raising money on the internet seems to open up a lot of his time for more important matters, like talking to voters. 


At 6:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My compliments to the idea that Bush is wasting his time at events like the Kirtland fundraiser. I think you're right! Ordinary people are coming out of everywhere to stand up for John Kerry. We had 200 people attend our min-convention in Geauga County to see John Kerry accept the nomination. In a normal presidential year you would be lucky to get 50 in this heavily republican county. You can just feel it.. Bush is slipping fast!


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