Ohio Countdown 2004

2004 Presidential battleground analyzed by a grizzled campaign veteran and Ohio's Top Targeted Undecided Perfectly Predictive Swing Voter - His Mom.


Thoughts on Ronald Reagan & Communism

Partisan Democrats like me aren't real fond of spending a week and countless network broadcasting hours gushing about a Republican in the middle of an election year. But the man gets his due from me on one note in particular.

I was one of those kids growing up who was like, "Why can't we all get along?" who greeted the Cold War as some giant misunderstanding, thinking that communism was just another philosophy, as legitimate a way of organizing a society as any.

Until I lived in the former Soviet Union for a couple of years. The ruin that 70 years of tyranny, murder, opression, and misrule communism left behind in the places where I lived is astounding.

Ronald Reagan was wrong about a lot of things, but he was right about the evil empire.

Click here for a more raw, current, and oh-so-Tim take on Who Lost Russia from The St. Petersburg Times in Ocotber, 1999.


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