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Bush in Cincy - Noose Tightening

George W. Bush was in Cincinnati yesterday, the third time since March. This is a good sign for Democrats.

Greater Cincinnati is the hardest of hard core Republican areas in Ohio. It makes sense for Republican candidates to go there late in the election, to rally the base and get them out to vote. If GW is going there nearly once a month at this point in the campaign, it means hard core Republicans still need presuading...which is not where Karl Rove would like to be at this point, I am quite certain of that.

It also means that the places where GW can go in Ohio and get a warm enough welcome are dwindling. Where GW needs to go is a place like Stark County, the national media's darling bellweather county. Unfortunately, with plants closing there once a month, I'm guessing Canton isn't on the White House itinerary.


At 10:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why is no one else commenting on this BLOG?

Over here we just gave the French and the Germans a good slapping over creating a federal state of Europe, It looks like the cosy little arrangement by Jaques and Gerhardt (sounds like a middle aged gay couple form belgium)where the New EU countries have to shut up as they are new boys, has been smashed by us electing a bunch of loons in the UK independence party. For you yankees their main man is Robert Kilroy-Silk the BBC equivallent to Montel Williams. RKS' stated aim is to'wreck' the EU.
Contrary to popular belief in the US we Brits have had to stop this type of thing before
Napoleon (French) wanted all of Europe under his control.
Kaiser Wilhelm II (German) wanted all of Europe under his control.

Hitler (German. OK Austrian contractor for the Germans) wanted all of Europe under his control.

And we trounced the swiss and Croats if the footy (soccer).
Howard Dean was on the radio here saying you democrats don't like Tony Blair cos he deals with Dubya - a valid point. But just so you know SINCE YOU BECAME INDEPENDENT WE BRITS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO VOTE FOR YOUR PRESIDENT! So we have to deal with which ever half crazed monkey you guys elect.
Just make sure your voting 'for' something rather than against 'cos you'll end up with Nixon again (or George).

Currently Bush is running odds of 4/6 against Kerry on 11/10 If your no good at odds thats pretty much a cert).

Rule Britannia

Lord S


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